matt melissa

Matt & Melissa Kuhn

 For grades 7 through 12
7:00 pm every Wednesday

Xtreme-365 is the high school student ministry at Covenant of Peace International, Eaton, Ohio. Serving students from middle through high school, X-365 seeks to be a place where students find real, relevant teaching and worship that will ignite their passion to live their lives for Christ. We know a God who has used young people all throughout history to bring light and life to a hurting world. We know a love that has rescued us and we want others to get in on the same thing we’ve experienced.

Xtreme 365 is a student ministry at Covenant of Peace Church.

Xtreme 365 is about God.  It’s about experiencing God and having a real encounter.

Xtreme 365 is friends.  It’s about hanging out and making new friends and building strong healthy relationships.

Xtreme 365 is life.  It’s about taking life skills and applying them to everyday life.

Xtreme 365 is about you.  It’s about you having a fun safe place where you belong and where you can experience God, friends and life.

Xtreme 365 is about God, Friends, Life and You.  At Xtreme 365 we all face challenges and need God, friends and family to help shape our life for the journey. We believe the best way to have a relationship is to have an encounter with God which leads to an experience by living it out loud daily. We want you to know Xtreme 365 is a place where you belong.