Brenton & Jen Correll

The Correll family is currently living in Kenya full-time working in areas of sustainability projects, business development and vocational training to help people and communities in Kenya grow towards long term success in work and life.
Through their work, the Corrells look forward to being a light of Christ in the darkness in the relationships and networks God gives them the opportunity to build.

Engaging in this work takes a lot of time and patience. There is often a strong dependence mentality in countries like Kenya, and while generous charity given to help is good, the pressure to produce tangible results too often leads to greater dependency and less empowerment. We encourage you to check out these really good sources of information regarding poverty work. Here are the titles below:

  • When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett – “Material poverty alleviation involves the much harder task of empowering people to earn sufficient material things through their own labor, for in so doing we move people closer to being what God created them to be (pg. 74).”
  • Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton – “Not only does aid foment political instability and corruption, it discourages free enterprise—like the African mosquito-netting manufacturer who was put out of business by well-meaning charities that handed out millions of free nets.” (pg.95)
  • Poverty Inc. on Netflix or Amazon – Link to movie trailer:

Resources like these can help you catch the Correll’s vision and serve to inspire you as well. You can see the Correll’s website here:


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