Discipleship Is One Of Our Core Values


Kids In Motion

2 Classes

One for children age 3 and for ages 4 to Kindergarten

10:30 am every Sunday 7:00 pm every Wednesday

Kids On The Move

For children grades 1st – 6th grade

10:30 am every Sunday
7:00 pm every Wednesday

Xtreme 365

For grades 7th thru 12th

7:00 pm every Wednesday

What is Xtreme 365?

X365 is a student ministry at Full Gospel Temple.

Xtreme 365 is about God.

It’s about experiencing God and having a real encounter.

Xtreme 365 is friends.

It’s about hanging out and making new friends and building strong healthy relationships.

Xtreme 365 is life.

It’s about taking life skills and applying them to everyday life.

Xtreme 365 is about you.

It’s about you having a fun safe place where you belong and where you can experience God, friends and life.

Xtreme 365 is about God, Friends, Life and You.

At Xtreme 365 we all face challenges and need God, friends and family to help shape our life for the journey. We believe the best way to have a relationship is to have an encounter with God which leads to an experience by living it out loud daily. We want you to know Xtreme 365 is a place where you belong.

Discipleship Classes

For all ages

9:30 am every Sunday

Grades 1-2
Grades 3-4
Grades 5-6
Grades 7-8
High School
Upper Room
Men’s Study
Women’s Study

Daughters of the King

Just as Esther was “come to the kingdom for such a time as this” and she listened and obeyed the word of God so must women of today. Esther was placed in the King’s palace for the opportunity that was ahead, so are we in the place where God has led us to be a part of this great and mighty work of His Kingdom.

Daughters of the King meet for times of fellowship and ministry. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:25. We are called to fellowship. When we meet together we are able to encourage one another and disciple others just as the Lord has commissioned.

All ladies are invited to attend the fellowships and get involved in the ministry outreaches of Daughters of the King

Men of Valor and Purpose

In First Samuel, David gathers “the discontented, the rebels, the outlaws” together into the Army of God. These men were trained and encouraged to become mighty soldiers – great “men of valor.”

This group challenges men from all walks of life to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. Whether it be through a men’s breakfast, prayer group, or just a few brothers talking over a good cup of coffee, Men of Valor and purpose is dedicated to instilling within men the qualities that transform them into the Godly men needed today in the home, community, church and wherever the call of God may take them around the world.